I feel like I might ask too many questions. If that's case, let me know.

So I'm interested in switching to synthetic oil for my Focus because, as far as I can tell, it's better than conventional. My instinct is to go for Royal Purple- is that a good choice, or do you guys have any recommendations/comments on that?

Also, how often do you guys wax your car? And if you don't mind, I'm really curious on your washing/waxing routine in general.. and what products you guys like..

In return, I have some photos from the last time I was in San Luis Obispo and happened upon an interesting building full of cars (unfortunately I couldn't get pictures of the ones inside, these were lying around outside):

Here's a sweet ass Mercedes-Benz:


Here's an awesome Ford Falcon wagon:


These were also in SLO but from a different spot. A beautiful Mustang ('65 Fastback GT?), and for some reason I really liked the look of this old auto shop (that is now closed.)


Thanks guys!