Hopefully my shitty car meme appeases the buffer image gods. 

As some of you know (mainly those in the FB chat, or those of you that are friends with me on Snapchat) I will be undergoing a fairly significant surgery on Friday. I have a birth defect called “Pectus Excavatum,” basically an indentation in the chest.

The surgery, called the “Nuss Procedure” is technically minimally invasive, but is supposedly quite a painful recovery. The procedure itself (in the video below) calls for 2 incisions, one on each side of the ribcage, then the insertion of a “leader bar” which is pushed through the two incisions, then lifted up to break the sternum and supporting ribs. The leader bar is then removed, and the second bar is inserted, after being specifically made to fit me and my structure. The bar is inserted in a “u” manner, but flipped over into an “n” once in place. The bar is then stitched to my ribs, and left in for 2-4 years.

Recovery-wise, I am expected to spend about a week in the hospital, and then I have a whole slew of “do not’s” I’m supposed to follow for quite some time.


To give you a better idea of what I’ve got, and what’s being done, I’ve whipped up this little graphic for you.

Anyway, your thoughts/prayers/virgin sacrifices are much appreciated, and I’ll see you on the other side, come Saturday.

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