T-Minus 18 days to track day

Took a required cruise after doing the brake fluid and coolant. Had to make sure everything was done right, right? Always love stopping at this spot on Piuma road to get a photo and enjoy the view.

This past Saturday, I changed out the brake fluid, clutch fluid, and coolant in the Miata to ensure it will be ready for the upcoming first track day on June 28th. I went with RBF 600 DOT 4 and now the car definitely shifts better already. Havent gotten the brake fluid hot enough to notice it for braking but we shall see how it holds up at the track. Next up will be figuring out which brake pads to go with. I am currently set on either the G-LOC R10/R8 (front/back) or the Carbotech XP10/XP8 (front/back) but just havent gotten around to ordering them yet. Those will require new rotors as well and I will probably just street them since they are a compound that will work on the street but just be very dusty/noisy. Still doing my research though.

Only other things on the list before I am ready for the track are: finish the harness install, tow hooks (ordered, will install after arrival), fix my sway bar brackets (broken bolts to drill out), swap over the coilovers from the other car (with bumpstops replaced, in same order as the tow hooks), and then a proper race alignment. Goal is to complete the harness and sway bar and order brakes this week and then install the new parts next week upon arrival. So assuming nothing wild goes wrong I should be ready to go! I also checked on my tires in storage, and they havent gone anywhere I guess so no reason to expect any trouble with those. I expect the wheels to fit since the two cars are identical. Looking forward to having real tires on this car!!

The view without the car, with better lighting
The view in the other direction from the same spot

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