This upcoming Saturday I am driving in my first ever track day. I have spent a few years doing 10+ autocross events each season and slowly preparing my Miata to do full on track days. Now that I have the proper roll bar, properly mounted 6 point safety harness, a nice racing seat, and the right helmet, I am finally ready. While the organization I am running with only requires the helmet and roll bar, there is no possible way for me to fit in the car with a stock seat and still pass a broomstick test. Now there probably won’t be a guy with a broomstick checking people but that is a pretty necessary safety item since the roll bar is pretty damn pointless otherwise.

Anyways, I am planning to drive the Miata to work this week most days just to continue shaking the car down for any faults and to just be comfortable with driving it. Partly my reason for driving 600+ miles this weekend in a highly spirited manner was to get me in the zone for the track day. I am in the beginner group with an instructor all day and not even allowed to do any passing in the first two sessions so I am sure to be fine. It will certainly be a slow start to my track day hobby, but I am very excited to start somewhere.

The track day is taking place at Streets of Willow Springs in Rosamond, CA. It is about an hour from home which is nice and close for a Saturday morning bright and early. I am sure to get way more seat time than any autocross and since it was SpeedVentures who is running the event, it was only about $160 for the day, instruction included! I am imagining that will be short sessions and not too many of them since most track days are $300+ that I have seen, but it shall be fun nonetheless. In the mean time, I am also practicing Streets of Willow in Grand Turismo 6, although of course that is just for some ideas of what it looks like and for fun. I end up in the dirt a lot more in that game than I hope to in real life!!