T Shirt Idea/Art Request

I sure some one here is an artist capable of the task at hand or knows some one who is. I have an idea for a T-shirt design that I don’t believe exists. I’d be willing to pay some one for the original art work, or maybe you just want to sell it to Blipshift or something idk.

I meantioned yesterday how the mk1 Cabrolet is sometimes called the bitchbasket. Which is what spawned this idea. I would glady rock this shirt.


So the idea is pretty simple have a big lumberjacky manly hand holding the Rabbit by its Handle, maybe some cartoon motion lines to show that it’s swing as this giant man walks along merrily with his basket. Here is my 15 second rough rough rough draft of the idea, because I am not an artist.

Illustration for article titled T Shirt Idea/Art Request

Bonus points for making the car orange like Veronica

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