So my Cousin just told me about the Trasn Wisconsin Adventure Trail. A routesthat runs from Cornucopia wi, to Ohio. It constist of 90% dirt roads, and even some logging roads, and fire lanes. I’m thinking once the Galant is “done” I’m going to take this trail down to my cousins house near Cedar Rapis Iowa. Idk if it’ll happen this summer or next, but we’ll see. Regardless it sounds like fun. It’s not a challenging trail or anything, on a Jeep forum on memeber joked “you could do it in a Subaru” when some one asked if you could do t with one XJ and a wench.

It seems like a good way to dip my toes into the Overlander thing before I go crazy with K-Sport gravel rally coilovers, over sized A/Ts and skid plates. Which is the goal for the Galant.

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