We all know-and loath-Taboola ads. If my anti-Taboola presentiments were not so strong, I would want to click on that bottom right ad. But Google exists and I easily turned up this:


It was apparently some kind of super wear creating tire tester! Thank you, Taboola, for showing me something cool for once. You are still friend-zoned (or worse).

Ugh. Most of the car ads I get are for cheap SUVs for seniors, accompanied by a photo of some absurd concept car. This time, they had the good sense to show a near production Mercedes that is most certaintly not cheap. And next to it, some trashy story about an enviable situation. I wish I had a Corvette, even if my restoration failed because I didn’t put the wheels on. And finally, a beautiful Z3 M that I already had opened in another tab. Here.


More 50 worst cars? I wouldn’t want to drive around in some center seated pyramid car, but it obviously was never sold to the public. Above that, we find the obscure boutique manufacturer GM. Hmmm. I already had the Accord Coupe open in another tab, so here is the link. I didn’t know V6 manuals could be had so cheap now.

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