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Taco Bell PPE + drive thru efficiency are on point

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I semi-regularly use the Taco Bell app to order custom veggified versions of regular menu items, while saving the Taco Bell employees from having to furiously tap my “sub this, hold that, add this” instructions into their registers. I’m very much against over-customizing at restaurants, UNLESS the restaurant has electronic ordering with customization options at the ready.


Taco Bell’s online ordering process is very easy: customize as you please, pay, and when you arrive at the drive thru, say you have an online order for (insert your name here). They’ll show your order on the screen to confirm, then make your food. You can even save customized items to your favorites for quick & easy re-ordering.

The other day when I went to pick up my latest online Taco Bell order, there were two employees walking along the drive thru line in masks and gloves taking orders on iPads to keep things moving along. They even had reflective vests that look very much like the belts the safety patrols wore when I was in elementary school. The line did indeed move faster than a traditional Taco Bell drive thru line of similar length. Kudos to whoever came up with this idea.

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