Long story short, I may have to briefly (or not briefly) use one of my cars for my job instead of the Taco, which is owned by my employer. I’m not sure if I should use the IS or Vibe.

The Vibe is:
1) much better on gas
2) has a disposable vibe (heh) that is suitable for working on job sites
3) can actually drive off pavement if necessary
4) cheaper running costs in general
5) also doesn’t require premium fuel
6) in summation, would save me hundreds and hundreds of dollars


The IS:
1) more comfortable
2) a lot nicer looking, which may impress potential clients
3) more enjoyable overall
4) superior air conditioning. Like. BIGLY.
5) Sportcross!

Basically, the Vibe makes by far the most sense, but I am leaning heavily towards driving the IS anyway. My logic is that I’d rather be comfortable than save money, which is something I never thought I’d hear myself say. I spent good money on that car, and to just have my wife commute in it instead... I would just sell it and get something more practical and cheaper, pocket the difference, and my wife would get to keep her car. And I do NOT want to sell the IS :/

“What about the longbed?”

The longbed is a truck you can drive to the moon and back, but not one you want to shuffle around Eastside and Seattle during business hours. It’s biggest drawbacks are obvious:
1) manual transmission
2) no safety whatsoever, so if I get in an accident (law of averages here... I drive over 20,000 miles a years for my job) my odds of walking away are much lower than the other cars.
3) kind of unacceptable to drive up to certain projects. It’s not exactly pristine. While most of my work is for new construction, I do enough residential work for it to be a factor
4) might leave a little drip of oil wherever I go
5) has an intermittent stalling problem when it gets warm whilst idling.
6) needs some TLC before making it a daily again
7) even worse on gas than the IS
8) I would have to get it insured (currently on “suspended” insurance as I only use it for dump runs)
9) no AC
10) an awful idea in general


Anyway, that’s what I’m wrestling with at the moment.