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Taco Salad

So, I believe the discussion has come up on here before about what makes a Taco Salad so good. (Hint: It’s the deep fried bowl). Hey, look here, I found one such discussion.

Anyhow, today was Taco Salad day again at the cafeteria. I had obtained my taco salad and was walking down a hall back to my part of the building. A man, another engineer, came barreling out of a door leading to a large section of cubicles into the hallway presumably going towards the cafeteria. He spots me walking with my taco salad and his barreling slows to a slow methodical kind of walk. I was a little curious what his issue was but as he gets to within a couple feet of me he seemingly absent mindedly starts chanting ‘Taco, taco-taco.... Taco, taco-taco, taco-taco... Salad. Tacoooooo Salad’.

I wonder if he’ll be embarrassed when it occurs to him what he had done. Also, yes, a Taco Salad is THAT good.

What’s for lunch?

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