So the Tacoma is going in for diagnostics tomorrow;

We’ve had the family discussion and decided it’s time to move to a 3rd gen. We need a DCLB - and the 6500 towing rating fits our trailer just right.

The MSRP on a 2017 TRD Sport is $42,275 = $47,348 after taxes.

There are 22 third gen Toyota certified used DCLB in the province, prices range between $37,000 and $48,000. From what I’ve seen private sale prices are similar.

The plan is to have them do a trade value on our 2005, and see what they can offer. It has 192K km (119K miles) - new frame in 2015, and is well taken care of;


I’m confident that I could sell privately for $15,000 - but that might be after a $2000-3000 headgasket bill.. If they come back in the low teens we might be able to work something out.