I generally find most car enthusiast’s anti-technology opinions irritating. One of the most common complaints you’ll see against new cars is their use of touchscreens. “Where are all the buttons?!”, an enthusiast cries, “how can I change the radio if I can’t do it without looking away from the road!” they proclaim as if they are immune from distracted driving. I traditionally have felt that touchscreens are fine, that glancing over to change the radio or climate control is not a big deal. I still feel that way, but I’ve come to realize that one of my favorite features of the controls for my Mustang GT is their tactility.

Take a look at this control panel:

Basically every control you could ever need is easy to use without diverting your eyes from the road. Change the volume? Grab the large textured wheel inches away from the steering wheel and turn. Warm? Turn down the automatic climate control using the the rocker switch identified by the prominent center tab. Cold? Activate the heated seats with the distinctly shaped button on the far left.

Even fan speed is easily adjusted as the bidirectional button has raised points to separate it from the rest of the panel. Driving modes are easily selected with the wonderfully mechanical switch on the far right of the row at the base of the console, though knowing what mode you’re selecting requires a glance at the small screen in the center of the gauge cluster.

Interior styling of the Mustang is simple, but the controls in the premium model are a pleasure to use and add to the extensive list of reasons I love my car.