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Jun 29 2016

OK, BMW, I’ll forgive you for bastardizing the term Coupe, provided you offer this in Canada with a RWD and manual

Nov 19 2014

...who would love to see a 2 series GC? I generally prefer 4 doors over 2 and given that the 2 uses a smaller

Jul 30 2014
BMW Driftmob Ad

So the teaser yesterday revealed this cool-ish advert. Its not Clive Owen Driver level but the synchronisation

May 29 2014
BMW M235i Active Tourer

Just rendered this. A TwinTurbo Power inline six-cylinder AWD version of the "familiar" FWD BMW. What do you think?

May 22 2014
God must be an Audi guy

Posted by a redditer at r/BMW. Read the discussion he explains how his M235i got hailed on. Hopefully insurance

May 16 2013
New BMW 2-series

So Europe gets the BMW M2 in AWD but has to have it with an automatic transmission. Would you sacrifice manual for