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Mar 22
Got the Z out

I checked the Z over, put some seafoam in it and half a tank of premium. Tomorrow we will go for a longer drive.

Dec 3

either Datsun 240Z or 260Z for export from Japan

Apr 19 2019
Good evening

Looks like 71' This car has white vinyl seats and you can see the rear shock tower.

Mar 31 2019
Took a little drive

My wife out of nowhere asked to drive up the coast in the Z and look at the green hills and animals. Lots of cute

Feb 13 2018
Z Notes

It actually says he will buy it, “AS IS” at the bottom... WTF does that mean, he thinks it needs more work??? It’s

Aug 28 2017
Today: 240

It is the 240th day today, that means celebrate the great Datsun 240Z!!!

Jul 16 2017
Oyasumi nasai (goodnight)

Can’t really see the light covers, but they don’t cut down on the beams much, drives fine in low beam. I am getting

Jul 15 2017
Covers are on

I had time to fit them and go for a quick drive today. All the good roads are clogged going towards the coast. On a

Jul 13 2017
Got them!

I got my S30 light covers from Japan. They look pretty good. There are no rectangular mount points included so I

Jul 9 2017
Z emblems on and DOTS

Some of the DOTS are a bit... um... artistic? Sometimes you don’t get any warning something is coming. For the