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Dec 29

Mazda Familia GT-R 4wd (c1992)

Dec 28
arvo oppo

Mazda Familia Sport-4 (c1989) two prototypes were built for Mazda’s Group A WRC campaign

Aug 6 2016
Finally got new struts.

And to think my other option would be cheaper units that would self destruct after 10K... I decided to splurge.

Jul 21 2016
Oppo, meet Hunk.

That is now the name of the 1993 Mazda 323 I unceremoniously picked up the other week for $550.

Dec 4 2014
Keep tachometers weird

The digital tach in my Mazda 323 GTX is just weird. The scale is not consistent whatsoever! In the same increments,