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Mar 1
Hood Update

It’s done. Lots of elbow grease but as the last big refurbishment-step of the current project I am glad to say it’s

Feb 9
What a pain in the ass

As careful observers may recall (or anyone with exceptional vision that can actually see my profile picture on

Feb 8
Getting Down to Earth

Good progress has been made as of late on the Chevelle. Not particularly visibly, the wiring is completed (including

Jan 26
Get Pumped

Finally got the fuel pump for the Chevelle and installed it. Have a list of materials, need to pick up fittings and

Jan 20

It’s impressive how fast two box fans running full-tilt as exhaust on a 15F night will drop an 80 degree garage back

Jan 11
Piece by piece

The bulk of the mechanical installation of the engine is done. At this point, it’s little odds and ends (such as my

Dec 17
Small Steps

I’ve been making a little bit of progress on the Chevelle lately.

Dec 13
That's a (better) wrap

You may recall (or most likely you don’t) in my last post I had wrapped the headers but wasn’t too happy with how

Dec 12
That's a wrap

Having never done this before, it’s harder than I expected but after a little practice it gets easier. I’m pleased