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Jul 16
Blue to Black

Turns out you CAN have too much blue on a car. After one year, I was kinda over the blue exterior/blue interior I’d

Jul 8
Got an alignment today

All the work I’ve done on the 924, and the one thing I never did was an alignment, and even after I installed new

May 5
Bizarre Door Cards

I’ve been on the hunt to replace my “makeshift pseudo-RS style” door cards since I made them to replace the

Apr 24
Blue Car Quota!!

Haven’t done one of these in a good while! Lots of progress has been made today! The exhaust is finally done, the

Apr 17
Weekend Project

New Magnaflow muffler. I test fitted it this morning, and it’s FAR quieter than the straight pipe. Almost too quiet.

Apr 7
More Progress!

It’s now VERY likely I’ll be able to turn the key for the first time since maybe October.

Apr 5
Wastegate Installed!

This was a war against tight and constricting spaces. The wastegate (#29) slots in a small nook between the

Mar 26
Flywheel Installed!!

Desperation and boredom breeds ingenuity. So I figured out how to install and torque the flywheel by myself! Turns

Mar 11
One More Update

After a adventure to a new brewery, I’ve finally gotten the throwout bearing installed to the pressure plate!

Mar 11
Almost Ready!!

It’s almost time for the clutch installation. But there’s a few things left to take care of before hand.

Feb 16
Oil Pan Reinstalled

Second times the charm, yes? Fingers are crossed and all the wood has been knocked on. It was much easier but a tad

Jan 28
2.5 Hours

That’s all it takes for me to remove the oil pan now. The first time last year took place over a few days. The blue