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Jun 26 2018

Even though it doesn’t look like much, I’ve replaced most of the critical and small diameter vacuum lines for the

Jun 2 2018
The 931's Maiden Voyage

(Originally posted at the wrong time) Yeah...Working 8-4 every day does not allow me time to Oppo much I’ve realized

May 28 2018
Happy Memorial Day

The car is relatively b n together for “around town” driving and cruising Woodward. Cleaned and installed my new-old

May 25 2018
Good morning Oppo

I’ve been working every day after work to get the car ready and it should be all set to drive after work this

May 18 2018
Got Carpets!

Taking a break from car things because wisdom teeth pulling this morning, still did 931 stuff yesterday. A generous

May 14 2018
Battery Tray Repair Attempt

Google search “924 944 battery tray rust” and you’ll be met with a nasty sight. I don’t think there’s a single car

May 8 2018

Making progress every week! My friend and I dialed in the ignition timing and changed the trans fluid this weekend.

May 2 2018
Mission Accomplished

The top-end rebuild, new-used starter, and new alturbonator did the trick! The car now moves on it’s own power

May 1 2018
Easiest Turbo Removal

Less than 10 minutes. Took it to O’Reilly’s and it failed. Ordered a new one to pick up tomorrow for $80. So glad I

Apr 28 2018
That's Borked

Took the starter out last night (two 19mm bolts and electrical connections) and took it to O’Reilly’s to be tested

Apr 27 2018
New Rubber

Hankook Ventus V2s are on the car today. And I unbolted the starter (2 19mm bolts and the wires and connections) to

Apr 26 2018
Moar Lights

Now I have working parking(running), brake, and turn signal lights. The only one that don’t work are the pop-up