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Jan 22 2014
Goodbye Audi

I never made an official post on oppo about it, but I sold my Audi a couple weeks ago. I'm a little sad to see it

Jan 6 2014

-11 with wind chill of -37. Brr! I did manage to go out and take this shot though.

Dec 18 2013
Snow Hoonage

I got to go snow hooning in the Audi last night with StreetsideStig in the passenger seat. In true Audi fashion

Nov 6 2013
Almost done!

I finished the front end work on my Audi last night! I have now installed:
Bilstein struts
Monroe strut mounts

Oct 30 2013
Tales of the Strut Mount

The Audi... what more can I even say about this car? Epic, unusual, rare... frustrating as hell.
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Oct 17 2013
Temporary Defeat

After being defeated by the rusty/intensely stuck bolts on both rear calipers, I bled the brakes, put the Audi back

Oct 13 2013

My new injectors for the Audi are now installed and the car is running better than ever because of it! No more power

Oct 2 2013
Control Arm Headaches

Progress on the Audi has been stymied by this. I'm trying to get my control arms off, and fortunately, the bolt

Oct 1 2013
Here We Go Again

I didn't do much last night, but I did take over my mom's garage, get the car up on jack stands, take the wheels

Sep 26 2013

So I've got an issue with the Audi. I took it to a shop a few weeks ago to get checked out after I finished working