Oh you want to change your thermostat do ya? (Viper Edition)

There are many cases of automotive “who the hell designed this shit” scenarios. From Audi’s that require you to drop the engine to do almost any maintenance, and other modern cars that give no thought or concern to future maintenance.

The Viper is one of these “good luck with that buddy” scenarios when it comes to…

Supercar DIY: Viper ACR Energy Suspension Polyurethane Control Arm Bushing Install

In his video I show how to install Energy Suspension polyurethane control arm bushings on the front suspension of a Dodge Viper ACR.

Part 2 will be posted soon and will show the install for the rear control arm installation.

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SUPERCAR DIY: How to install a Dodge Viper GTS ACR Borla Exhaust

In this video I show how I installed the Borla Cat-Back exhaust system on my 2000 Dodge VIper GTS ACR.

Sounds much better and deeper than the OEM exhaust in person.

I’ll be posting sound clips of the exhaust with some new recording equipment soon!

Next DIY will be Energy Suspension Poly Urethane Suspension bushings on…