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Sep 24
Fresh rubber

The TL needed some tires, so I went ahead and got a set of Bridgestone RE980AS’s for it. Now that I’m not planning

Mar 11

I drive a 05 tl. It has 95k on it. It is in good to very good shape overall, but has started having some work needed

Jan 5 2019
DATT (down at the Target)

Coming home from a brewery an hour away I stopped for some groceries. I parked next to this pre-facelift 4th gen TL

Sep 13 2018
Florence and the Machine

Some of the outer bands of Florence are reaching up into the Richmond area, but the forecast for us this weekend

Aug 6 2018
At a dealer

Went to Acura again to get the TL’s airbag repaired. They have some red things on the floor.

Jul 31 2018
TL Tuesday

Got the TPMS fixed under warranty. Was actually a dead sensor instead of it being merely unplugged.  Now just

Jul 24 2018
Crystal Black Pearl

It’s a good color, Brent. Found a random CTR while out with friends tonight. It and the TL are somewhat

Sep 12 2017
Got my exhaust did

Just deleted the mid muffler on the TL and it sounds fantastic, but is very very mild still. The tone is

Dec 7 2016
Automotive Reminder

Looking for a winter daily? 2012-2014 Acura TL SH-AWD w/tech pkg were available with the 6-speed manual. They are