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Dec 24
My First AUTOart

Sadly, not for me, but a gift for my brother-in-law who is lucky enough in life to own this beast:

Jul 24 2017
DOTS: PoGo Fest Edition

I didn’t go to the heckstorm that was Grant Park in Shitcago, but I did get out and about to the hot spots near me,

May 29 2015
Good Night Oppo

It was almost overnight that I started liking this car... funny how that is..

Dec 3 2014
There are no words

To describe recovering from an unintended drift at 80mph in the AMG GT-S. And by drift I don't mean I kicked the

Sep 9 2014
AMG GT Pricing?

Anyone know what it'll be roughly? My boss has a 99-ish (I'm not fluent in "W" numbers) E55 AMG and has been