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Mar 27 2016

Hope everybody is having an enjoyable Easter Sunday, I know I am. If your day has been just so-so, maybe direct your

Mar 18 2016
How Was Your Week Oppo?

Feels weird to not be as active in the Oppo community as I once was, so I’m going to make a regular thing of

Jan 7 2016
Show Us Your Winter Beater.

The concept of a winter beater was a foreign to me for a long time, because when I lived in places with harsh winter

Jan 1 2016

Oh what a year it has been. Instead of recounting the many amazing experiences I had, let’s just go to the tape...

Nov 1 2015
Mornin Oppo!

I used my extra hour to update my website, all the photos are high res and available for good ‘ol right click