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Aug 14 2019
Ari Weight Reduction

I’ve always thought Ari looked like a mini FD with her hardtop on. Funny I ended up behind a similar blue FD in the

Jul 30 2019
Arisu Topless Life

Arisu and I have not had the typical convertible Miata life that many have come to associate with the little

May 31 2019
Miata Coil On Plugs

I had zero experience with coil on plugs, but I got a set from Fab 9 hoping this will improve ignition efficiency

Apr 22 2019
6 Point Harness Install

Take off the top. Grab your ratchet set. And settle in. Today we’ll be adding a 6 point harness and harness bar.

Apr 10 2019
Removed 2 Small Things.

Replaced one of them. But now I can drive at night again, have use of my high beams (for the first time since

Apr 9 2019
Transmission Upgrades

After diagnosing my issue as either a pilot bearing or a throwout bearing (it ended up being the pilot), I decided

Mar 18 2019
State of Arisu

I’ve been having some clutch trouble and it seems to be either the throwout bearing or the pilot bearing. This is

Jun 7 2018
Custom Miata Door Cards

A big thank you to gmporschenut for putting my dimensions and concept into .stl format so as to be 3D printable. I

Mar 20 2018
Timing Is Everything

Finally got around to replacing the leaky CAS O-Ring today. Had my friend help me because I had never used a timing