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Apr 28 2018
Keep Oppo ATS.

Here we see a wild Western Star in it’s natural habitat, the forests of the British Columbian interior.

Jan 31 2016
The 2017 TVR: This Is It.

In a surprise move, the revived TVR company just announced their new world-beating sports car, complete with the

Feb 26 2015
Cadillacs Spotted

Saw these two Cadillac ATS's on i96, both had manufacturers plates on them. I'm guessing they were '16 models? But

Jan 23 2015
Look at this line-up

got any questions or concerns about either of these two rental beasts? These are my babies. I love and cherish both.

Mar 12 2014
ATS V Wagon?

Has anyone heard anymore about an ATS V wagon? Hell, the ATS V sedan?