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Nov 19
Tiny Car

You know your car is small when you can park it sideways in your garage and have room to work on it.

Nov 5
Smol Brit

Well since we are sticking around, for now at least, I figured I would get some advice and opinions from you all.

Sep 26 2018

My nearly ultimate dream car is for sale

Aug 30 2018
Sprite Content

Photo dump because I want to finish mine and maybe rally spec it, because duh!

Oct 17 2017
Project Idea

So my ‘69 Sprite came with a 1275cc inline 4 cylinder good for 65 hp and 72 lb-ft. Not very sporting, but fun enough

Oct 9 2017
Long Weekend

Drove my first load of moving stuff down to Long Beach Saturday night

Aug 3 2017
The List

Here is the list of stuff I need to do for my Sprite to get it running:

May 16 2017
British Invasion

I have always loved British cars and my Mother has never understood it. But she has never discouraged my passion for