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Feb 26 2018
Automatch Is Hiring!<em></em>

Hey Oppo, it’s been awhile. Remember me? I see a lot of new names here. Hope all is well in Oppoland. Most of you

Mar 11 2015
Well...that was a first.

Hey's been awhile. Anyway, here is quick tale from the adventures of Automatch Tom. So I'm shopping around

Jun 23 2014
Hey AutoMatch,

Quick question: can I use another dealership's price from farther away (like 2.5 hours away) to ask for the same

Dec 31 2013
Goodness Gracious

This guy just rolled into Rockville Audi, looking to buy our R8 V10 Plus. I just about pissed myself when I saw the

Dec 21 2013
Whoo Hoo, Beer Time!

Customer just took delivery of a CPO '13 Q5. I started the process on Thursday so this is a new record.

Dec 11 2013
A Tale of Two Tune Shops

I've been wanting to get a remote starter on my car for some time. I thought about getting one when I first got the

Oct 7 2013
Ask Automatch....

As most of you know, I run a company called Automatch Consulting; I help folks shop for cars and get the best deal.

Oct 2 2013
I kinda haz a sad...

I found a killer deal for my client on a 2012 Genesis R-spec. He was going to finalize the purchase this weekend.

Sep 19 2013
Suggestions Oppo?

A client comes to me and says, "I have finally come to terms that I need to give up my Mustang and get a family car.