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Mar 7
Toys instead of camping

Since I canceled my reservation for a campsite this weekend, I went to Charlotte Cars and Coffee and hung out there

Feb 12
Almost hour post...

I really should have gotten better pictures of this 2002 survivor because I suspect this is as close as I’m going to

Jun 20 2017
Saw an Opponaut

This picture is almost a year old, but better late then never. I saw an opponaut driving their BMW 20002 at the

Sep 29 2014
Opponaut Spotted!

I was picking up some food from Bollywood Masala in Southern Maryland when I came across this beautiful BMW 2002

Jul 17 2014

Beautiful little 2002 tii I found in a carpark. Looks like a daily driver and it looks very well cared for.

Apr 5 2014
Morning Oppo

Last night might not have been good, or as great as I hoped, but the fact that I just saw my first 2002, today might