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Aug 28
How Does It Know?

This morning, my 987 Boxster illuminated a warning message, “Check front left side light.” I checked the light, and

Mar 3
Cloudy Headlights

Washing the car today, I noticed how cloudy the headlights had become. The Porsche is in great mechanical condition,

Feb 26
Aventurine Green Update

Aventurine Green made a glorious comeback as an option for the 911 992 models and now it’s also available on some of

Jan 18
Problem Solved

For the past month, the hood lock on my Boxster has been randomly opening. First, it occurred just after the car was

Jun 28 2019
Parsh Friday

I stopped by the Poor-shuh dealer out of curiosity and found that a 718 Cayman fit well, had good visibility, but no

May 29 2019

Like most kids of my generation, I had a fascination with motor vehicles that started well before I was legally able

Sep 17 2018
Answer Update: BIATA

After renting one, Boxster is Always the Answer, even in the middle of the US of A.  Thirstier than I thought

Jul 4 2018
Cheap Boxster anyone?

Appears to be clean. Bonus, the same dealer has another in black with half the miles but $3200 more.