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Sep 18
Project $400Runner

Welcome to Project $400Runner. I’ll be cataloging the ups and downs of my $400 1998 4Runner Limited. First let’s get

Feb 16 2018
Too new to modify? Never!

I have a disease. It’s called “modifyitis”. This rare affliction affects people across all classes and demographics,

Jun 9 2017
Project Beigelake

This is a Dell Dimension XPS 4100 case. I gutted it and put its Pentium III parts into another case. The first

Mar 9 2017

I really want to own or even get to drive an F-Type. The one I’d build, a V6 S Coupe (maybe a vert idk though) would

Feb 26 2017
Wide Miata build update

Been driving the car the last few days despite the rubbing issues. The Ohlins coilovers I have coming are arriving