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Sep 20
Weekend conebashing

Autocrossed both days at the local event with good front tires and bad old tires. Car was very slidey :)

Sep 10
Corvette Stuff

So I am still trying to work all the gremlins on the car. Was driving home the other day and she started to miss or

Aug 30
Review: My C5 Corvette

I’ve finally decided to do a non-shit-post on Oppo, so here is me singing praises of my Vette :P (P.S.: this turned

Aug 16

Had a local autox event today, which means lots of slaloms! Fortunately the Vette likes them.

Aug 3

Finally got rid of the GM rocking chair in there. Hello Sparco Grid Q!

Jul 25
Cone bashing

One of my slower runs coz GoPro died on the fastest one...Fastest run was like 1.5 seconds faster than this one

Jul 20
Leaky boi

Here we observe the Vette in its natural habitat when it’s not being raced:

Jul 12
Parts cannon fired!

The drilled rotors on the Vette have started cracking and the pads are getting low as well. New stuff incoming!

Jul 7
Cone killing in the rain

Jake’s post reminded me that I never posted my run from 2 weekends back. Its was a good course and I could have

Jul 4
Happy 4th

Tracking a Corvette on the 4th of July seems appropriate!