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Sep 2
Breakfast coma.

Ever have a breakfast burrito so big and awesome that you need a 45minute nap before any work gets done? My cat

Aug 21
Good afternoon Oppo!

Have a happy kitty, and also a MINT Mk.II VW Jetta I saw yesterday....almost looked like it had just been restored!

Apr 8
Home improvements

Ravi can’t resist remodelling cardboard boxes. On past performance, since it’s a small box and he hasn’t overturned

Jan 10
Hammer Time

This is Hammer's favorite spot. He spends so much time here, his fur has soaked all the oil out of this patch of

Dec 25
Merry Catmas

Merry Catmas from Hammer. He got a custom mat for his corner, crocheted by my wife. And some treats.