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Apr 16 2017
I have a Craving for...

...the early 90’s French hightech barge that is the Renault Safrane, ideally in V6 form. There is something about

Aug 15 2016
Miata update: IT WORKS!

That right there is a picture of the sort of thing that would make have a complete fit: a

Jun 30 2016
I'm Just Wondering

I’ve seen 3 posts in the past couple months about people acquiring running, although rough, cars for less than $200.

Apr 8 2016
Oppo - I also give you...

A BMW 325i with the rare “additional drivers side window waterproofing” option...i.e. black duct tape.

(Once again

Dec 30 2014

Well this is like the millionth post I post of me needing/wanting help in finding a car.