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Sep 3 2019
Pointless mods

I installed a carbon fiber engine cover on the shoe. Doesn’t really do anything besides shave a super super trivial

Jul 8 2019

Spent all night this Saturday rebuilding my Vanos. Felt so relieved when it was all back together.

Jun 30 2019
Sunday Fun

Went to a nice “cruise and shoot” (this was the first one, but that’s what they’re calling it) today and there was a

Jun 9 2019
Feeling good

I waxed my car today and had forgotten how nice it was to have the car allshined up

May 20 2019
Fun at cars and coffee

Had an awesome time at the Lehigh cars and coffee. Some of my friends and I did a nice backroads drive later and

Dec 15 2018

BMW Z3 M. “Clownshoe” coupe in actual clown shoe red

Aug 23 2018
Back from the dead

Finally got to drive my clownshoe for the first time since November today :-) couldn’t be happier. The rear floor

Jul 16 2015

In for a BMWCCA Tech Inspection and a pre-track fluid service before it goes to Thunderhill next month. It’s an

May 14 2015
I Stopped Traffic...

… In the Trader Joe’s parking lot to get this shot on my iPotato. What did they call that color?

May 2 2015
Can somebody tell me...

Why the Z3M coupe doesn’t have a Hoffmeister Kink in the window? I thought it was supposed to signify rear wheel