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Jun 19 2019
Confession Time....

The Zetor has a cable actuated clutch with about a 150-200lb press. I made 75 round bales today, and then moved them

Jun 23 2017
Did you mean...

Just like the #7 Toyota TS050 at Le Mans, my Toyota MR2 is having clutch issues. Will this be an easy fix or should

Jan 25 2017

They finished my GTO today. I of course helped out alot because Holden and US tech that doesn’t work on them much. I

Dec 9 2016
Damn Cars

So my clutch was feeling like it was going the other day. I had one of my GM techs go with me on a test drive and he

Nov 22 2016
Porsche 996 Clutch Advice

One of my best friends owns a fantastic 2004 Porsche 996 C4S with a glorious six speed manual transmission. How do I

Aug 4 2014
Monday Morning Music

EDIT: To get the whole playlist you will need to watch it on YouTube.
This popped up in my YouTube suggestions. It

Apr 14 2014

So I've been having some issues with Grimace the past few days. Hard to shift, being a bitch to get into first, etc.