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Oct 5 2018

Morning oPPo. Happy Friday! For those of you who work M-F, you did it!

Jan 24 2017
Is this Altima modified?

Car aggressively passed, squeezed in three cars ahead of where it was behind me, only to be right in front of me a

Oct 14 2016
Crossfire Friday

I saw three different Chrysler Crossfire coupes on my commute this morning, and I normally see none. I’m not sure

Aug 13 2015
Commute Report

1- The Prii back window angle was apparently designed to blind people at the rear just as effectively as a new

Feb 23 2015
An Unlikely Speeder

I admittedly don't drive slowly, but during this morning's commute a Buick absolutely flew by me.

Jul 25 2014
Really weird commute today

Started off pretty normal but there was a new Fiat 500 and a blacked out 235i right around the corner from the house

Jun 6 2014
How's this for a commute?

Was testing out a phone mount I got for my HTC One M7, so I filmed my favorite portion of my drive to work this