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Apr 1 2015
hai guiz

I made a terrible Paint shoop of a U8 Beetle for Yamahog's thread. 3.6l twin-turbo U8 New Beetle is best New Beetle.

Feb 24 2015
Chasing Skirts: NSX

Something different I'm trying this week. Bringing back skirts by cras-ing them onto some of Oppo's favorites. In

Feb 23 2015
Chasing Skirts: Volvo 240

I've been known to cras up some weird stuff. Mostly coupe, wagon, and ute versions of cars that could have existed

Oct 4 2014

It's like they're not even trying to hide that this is actually a Mustang.

Jun 17 2014
LegoCras? LegoCras!

I decided to fool around with a lego GT-R kit and various legos, and I have done something to a GT-R that is more