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Oct 2 2017
I bought a Miata!

Then took it to the tail of the dragon and drove it home 1000 miles on the second day of having a manual.

Jul 19 2017
Goal accomplished

Took a Chrysler Crossfire to 200,000 miles. I may be a lot of things, but a quitter isn’t one of them.

Jul 6 2017
Test Drove a 124 Abarth

Girlfriend said it wasn’t as fast as the Crossfire and wasn’t as loud. After we got back into my car she also said

Jan 6 2017
Oppo I'm at a loss.

I am super unmotivated to buy a new car, even though I want/need to and can. My friends wisely pointed out that at

Oct 14 2016
Crossfire Friday

I saw three different Chrysler Crossfire coupes on my commute this morning, and I normally see none. I’m not sure