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Sep 2 2019
A quick thought:

Maybe the authors and creators of the worlds that we see, read and hear are themselves gods as described in the

May 7 2019

If state law states that a BMV only does ID cards on Election Day, that information should be permanently posted on

Jan 25 2019
Deep thoughts

I think Oppo needs its own Meeseeks Box. As you know, Mr. Meeseeks will help you with an issue, resolve it, then

Sep 5 2018

I just finished MORE Doug DeMuro’s piece on his semi-retired CarMax Land Rover (oh, and his announcement vid on his

Feb 5 2017
Fast Food Question

Am I the only one who thinks that Burger Kings soda tastes funny? The Dr. Pepper doesn’t really taste like Dr.

Apr 22 2016
Life Lessons

In light of what happened with Prince yesturday I want to offer three prices of Oppo old guy super obvious advice.

Jun 14 2015

A spikey bush of flowers, growing around barbed wire. I shot this at the Isle of Man TT. It just caught my eye, I guess. Wonder why.

Dec 18 2014
Ultimate Depreciation

So my sister and her husband just bought a brand new piano. I am sure since neither of them play they price shopped

May 30 2014
Does anyone else think...

...That the turbo F1 cars remind them of the pod racers from star wars? Every time I hear an audio clip of the cars,

May 29 2014

I wonder if I can get Oppo with the push-mower.....

Jan 21 2014

Nothing leaves you feeling more isolated than being at sea in a dense fog.

Oct 18 2013
Biting the Bullet

First off, I love S13's with the corner ambers. Second, and more importantly this photo makes me want to sell my