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Mar 15 2019
I Took a Walk Too

It’s a lovely day outside, and I had a long and stressful week cleaning up other peoples’ messes and giving a talk,

Feb 28 2019
DotS Last Week

I’m pleased that I keep seeing Delicas I haven’t seen before, even pretty close to my house. This one has squarer

Dec 20 2018
Hour Rule DotS

The fourth Star Wagon I’ve found within a mile and a half of me. Also the saddest. It has not been taken care of 😢

May 19 2018
DOTS - Travel delicately

This is a really well built Delica and it looks like he should be at overland expo but its not...probably the

Feb 6 2016
Keep oppo Delica

HHFP will have to confirm if it’s the same one per our conversation, but odds are pretty good it is. This is 2