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Jul 22 2019

The only good thing about today is the change in the weather: light rain and a 20°F temperature drop.

Feb 20 2017
Pur Sang Type 35

My god what a noise. $250,000 is not at all currently attainable for me, but it’s a more attainable dream than a

Feb 18 2017

Watch this video and dream of V10 powered goodness in a twisty mountain pass...

Nov 29 2016

Since I know a lot of you here have pages and stuff, and I don’t even KNOW if there’s a QnA section of the site

Nov 27 2016
Oppo Tribe Aggregator

Sunday Repost: Lots of posts about tribes. I have collected a number here. Add more in the comments if you’ve got

Nov 22 2016

I know most of here enjoy our Kinja overlords and Jalopposinik ridiculousness that we incur on a daily basis. As one