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Aug 18 2019

On my way into work this morning a G8 with something to prove decided to pass me at 80-90 on a 35 two lane. He

Nov 11 2017

It’s worse that it’s not even on the right side...

Jan 4 2017
Oh, I didn't hit you

She says, rolling down the window with a cigarette in one hand and her phone in the other.

Oct 9 2016
Penny for your thoughts

I have an opportunity to buy an 850 Turbo wagon. Black like the one in the picture but with a lot rougher paint.

Mar 23 2015
Dumbass Goes Too Fast

Here we see a dumbass who took a corner too fast and didn't chain his load properly. I wasn't there when this

Apr 25 2014
I've Made A Huge Mistake

I chose to ride the school bus to and from my 6 year old's First Grade field trip instead of driving myself to the