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Aug 23
6 speed E60 M5 Review

The last of the naturally aspirated M5's. And you could only get the manual in the US. 1,366 were made so it is

Dec 18 2018

...does a Viper engine fit in an E60? I feel like that might be a way to deal with the S85's tendency to grenade

Dec 24 2016
A Merry Christmas

...will be hard to have as my partner in crime enters its third week in the shop. At this point, I don’t care about

Nov 21 2016
Coming Soon

Cars certainly are a pain in the ass. They demand all your time, all your money, then ask for more. And that’s why

May 25 2015
E60. Still in love.

Please excuse the potato pics. I appreciate this thing more every time I look at and/or drive it.