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Oct 14
It's Kismit, I Tell Ya

A week ago I threw my groceries on the backseat, started the car and listened to the radio DJ announce the next

Aug 3 2018

Will never NOT be funny to me

May 8 2018
DOTS, BMWamino

I’d seen this thing driving around while out on a job site, then discovered that it lives next door to a brewery i

Apr 8 2018

I don’t like the wheels but that’s easily remedied. Corvette-style Rally wheels always look good on 60s Chevys. I

Mar 7 2016
Oh, hello there.

I’m a sucker for abandoned cars and buildings, and musta drove past this one many times, but never noticed it as I

Jun 13 2015
El Camino

Awww yeah. Not the cleanest in the world, but gods damn did it have presence. Saw a few other people walk up and

Mar 21 2015

Ever 3 years a redneck whispers "candyman" into a beer mirror 5 times and this 6 wheeled abomination appears in his