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Aug 19 2017
New Front Plate.

Boo is not a 61 Chevy, but I like the quote so much that I’m calling it close enough.

Jul 21 2017
New Muffler!

Instead of an exhaust-leaky burble it now has a subtle (but finally quiet) putputput. Sounds quaint, but that’s ok.

May 25 2017
Dad's '78 F-100

Explorer package. Think it was a 351M/Auto. Sold it to a buddy after he got the ‘87 Ranger.

May 15 2017
Savor the Small Victories.

They don’t come around that often. I replaced the clutch lever boot with no issues. Boo is grateful, but he wants

Feb 27 2016
I couldn't resist

Even though it was not the best time of day for lighting, I just had to turn around and snap a couple pictures.

May 16 2014
f86sabre bait?

Just got this video of Colonel Bud Day getting one more ride in his favorite airplane, the F-100. Pretty cool.