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May 21
The other project car

I’ve spent so much time talking about, and working on, the Aristo, that I haven’t really done anything with the

Nov 4
Well, this is awkward

I came back to say goodbye because I thought Kinja was shutting down, but then it turns out it got a bit of a

Jan 1 2019
I wawnt it.

How much would you pay for a manual V6 Fiero that’s been kept in a climate controlled garage and only has 30k miles

Jun 17 2018
DOTS: Kroger 500-Edition

My 1-series made a friend at the grocery store! 1984 Fiero Indy 500 “Pace Car”. Manual transmission. Filthy. Poor,

Jan 23 2017
Engine Adventures

SO far I have taken out and replaced 4 engines. A 69 Sprite, 87 Fiero, 64.5 Mustang (no pics), and a ‘69 Bronco

Feb 22 2016
On my street

This is probably the nicest Fiero I've ever seen. It was for sale, but the day after it disappeared.