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Apr 21
Goin' IN on the 301

It rained last night, so after work I sat in the garage and started tearing down the old junk 301. Just... because.

Oct 4
Late Night Parts Pulling

Damn you autumn, you get too dark too fast! Donned my elastic strap-on headlight and went to work pulling what was

Sep 24 2019
Esprit Rhinoplasty

Braved the bugs to rip into the ol’ parts car some more. Gave up though because it rained a lot lately, and there

Sep 4 2019
Parts Car Goes Dashless

Yanked the dash the other day. Went pretty smooth. A few hidden fasteners, some surprise wiring, but pretty smooth

Aug 13 2019
Fun With YouTube Captions

I haven’t uploaded a fully edited YouTube video in 11 months, and never use the Closed Captioning, so while I was

Aug 12 2019

Quite well, in fact, now that I found why it had no spark.

Jul 26 2019
Well, that sucked.

Literally. Had a few spare minutes last night so I vacuumed up all the loose dirt rust out of the trunk and driver’s