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Sep 12 2019
But This Is Where I POOP!

The land adjacent to ours has been untouched and unused except for some trails in the 11 years we’ve lived here, and

May 13 2019
shoot me oppo

i just made myself a cup of tea instead of coffee as i was going to, then i poured in milk before the hot water.

May 8 2019
Indian Culture Questions

If any oppos are Indian or are familiar with Indian culture I have a question for you: is going to the movies in

Sep 5 2018
It's Been a Good Summer

As I’m not on drop-off and pick-up duty for the kids, I’m able to drive my truck to work most of the summer. It’s

Dec 2 2017
Murphy's Law

Yesterday I posted about how I was going to install these as soon as they showed up, so of course they came today