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Feb 8 2019
Fri-yay Watchlopnik

Today’s is particularly automotive-inspired: Armogan ENB. Nothing fancy for the snowmageddopocalypse, just a

Jan 18 2019

Looking back at everything I have done since 2019 started, I can say that I am probably an idiot.

Oct 19 2018

N-K-Y Friday, what’s your jam today?

Mar 30 2018

I think I’ll go off into outer space, work on muh cylinder head some more, and enjoy some alcoholic beverages.

Jan 19 2018

How much alcohol can K-Roll consume before he can’t drive in Fourza? How far can this Shiba Inu travel on a

Sep 22 2017
It's Friday, Oppo

Anybody got any big plans for the weekend? As for me, the Austin Symphony is playing the music for a screening of Har

Sep 1 2017
It's Friday, Oppo!

Anybody got any big plans for the long weekend? My HS freshman son has his first marching band performance tonight