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Sep 16

The Front Page, Google AdSense, and the data I feed the almighty algorithm are woke on the smoking question.

Sep 3

I just can’t with the front page anymore. I just don’t understand how you can be so misinformed about a basic,

Jan 2
It is Caravan talk time

... and I’ll start off with referencing the post that went up on the FP about a rare thing known as a manual diesel

Apr 26 2019
Mr. Tracy Responds!

David Tracy has been on Oppo a few times recently. Last night he posted a response to shop-teacher that’s long

Dec 6 2018
Seriously, WTF Jalopnik?

I whitelist Jalopnik and keep the AdBocker off, and this is what I get? Since when did the FP start allowing shitty

Nov 18 2015

...have there been a disproportionate number of #twowheelsbad articles on the FP?

I’m not complaining; on the

Aug 30 2015

It still amazes me how all the trolls can post ungreyed on front page posts, yet those of us who actually want to

Mar 29 2015
The Dismiss Button

Is a powerful tool to combat the tools on the front page when it gets to the point that their arguments don't make